Biomedical Equipment Maintenance Services

PHD BEMC biomedical equipment maintenance repair services

PHD BEMC Biomedical Equipment Maintenance Services

The PHD Biomedical Equipment Maintenance Center (BEMC) is equipped with the necessary instruments, standards, procedures and personnel to maintain your biomedical equipment at peak performance. VAMED’s organizational configuration is geared to internationally recognized standards. In the Philippines, PHD BEMC uses a Quality Management System according to ISO 9001:2000. PHD Services group, and our biomedical engineers and certified biomedical technicians are dedicated to a single goal: providing the best possible service to our customers. Our fully- qualified pool of engineers and technicians follow a defined process to meet quality servicing standards on-site and/or in our own test facilities.

Our service is designed to meet different levels of support, whether it is for hospital accreditation or for in-house quality assurance programs.


1. Biomedical Equipment Preventive Maintenance

2. Biomedical Equipment Calibration

3. Corrective Maintenance and Repair

4. Performance and Safety Testing

Biomedical Equipment Management